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It’s been a couple of weeks since I got back from the RWA conference in Surfers Paradise, and the happy glow has yet to fade. The romance writing community has to be one of the warmest, friendliest gangs around, and I had a blast. So I thought I’d share a few highlights:

• Taking pitches – it’s a strange experience when people are nervous about meeting you! Hopefully I wasn’t too scary. There was such a great range of ideas and approaches in the stories I was pitched and I can’t wait to see what treats land in my inbox soon. I even got a cupcake bribe – score!

• Catching up with authors and other publishing mates. It’s the best to have everyone in the same place together with enough time for a drink and a natter. It was particularly nice to see my lovely authors Anna Campbell, Deborah Challinor, Ali Ahearn, Ros Baxter (with her adorable tiny new baby), and Rachael Treasure (complete with excellent dancing!).

• The launch of not one but two new digital-only imprints, from Penguin and Harlequin. It’s a brave new world and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come out with. Plus it was fun to watch Kate Cuthbert, the new editor for Harlequin’s Escape, get stampeded after the announcement!

• The funky QT hotel, where the staff seem to be dressed as The Wiggles (except the bar girls, who were straight out of an Austin Powers movie).

• A long walk on the beach, looking at all the pretty shells.

• Our speed dating panel on the Sunday morning, where one publisher got his very own hashtag on Twitter. It’s so easy when you’re a boy – all you need to do is say, ‘Hi.’

Thanks to everyone, particularly all the volunteers, who made this such a fun conference. Looking forward to Perth next year!

*My skills do not extend to photography, so the bulk of the pictures I took are either blurry or of the backs of people’s heads. Here are a few that came out okay (plus a few I stole from another publisher).