Romance is… the salt in the stew of life.

Books are… my addiction!

Your favourite character is… Oh, too difficult! It’s like asking me to pick a favourite child. I love them all! Just as a matter of timing, let me choose the hero of A Rake’s Midnight Kiss, my latest release. Sir Richard Harmsworth is a Scarlet Pimpernel sort of character who hides his deep emotional wounds under witty quips and an elegant shell.

What do you like about writing? I had to laugh when I read this question. I think it was Dorothy Parker who said “I hate writing but I love having written.” That pretty much sums it up, apart from those days that are like gold when you just sit down and the story rolls out ahead of you like a beautiful silk carpet. Sadly, there aren’t too many of those days! On the other hand, there’s such satisfaction in seeing a book that I’ve written on the shelves or hearing from a reader who has loved my characters so even the bad days are worth it.

What do you not like about writing? Because I love my characters so much (check out a previous answer), it’s always really painful to finish a book. These people who have lived in my head sometimes for years are no longer my daily companions and I miss them! There’s always a mourning period before I fall in love with the characters from the next book.

Next on the to do list? I’m busy with the latest Sons of Sin book, the Duke of Sedgemoor’s story. I’ve been building Cam up as a hero since I started the series so it’s wonderful finally to have a chance to give him his happy ending – although he has a rocky road to travel before that happens!

A Rake's Midnight KissAnna’s new book, A Rake’s Midnight Kiss, is out on the 1st of August. If you weren’t lucky enough to win one of our advance copies in last week’s competition, preorder a copy here.