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As summer this year decided not to make an appearance I’ve been delving deep into my pile of DVDs in order to pass away the rainy days.

I recently came upon one of my favourite romantic movies the wonderful, yet mostly forgotten, Playing by Heart.

Playing by Heart is a film about love in all its forms. Love between a parent and child, new love, illicit love, and love that is fading away.

Set in L.A. it follows 11 people as they navigate affairs of the heart.  Sean Connery and Gena Rowlands play a married couple approaching their 40th wedding anniversary who are grappling to come to terms with a secret from the past.

Gillian Anderson plays Meredith, a romantically shy director who for some ungodly reason is trying to rebuff the charms of Jon Stewart. (Yes that Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show and the thinking woman’s tv boyfriend.)

Angelina Jolie is also failing to woo Ryan Phillipe despite her very best efforts, Madeleine Stowe is having an affair with Anthony Edwards although her heart really belongs to another and Ellen Burstyn is spending time with her son as he lies dying in a hospital bed. And then there is Hugh, Denis Quaid, who tells tall tragic tales to women in bars.

By the end of the movie their lives will intersect. You may guess how they all fit in by the end of the film but that’s not really the point of the movie. The fun is in the journey with some great performances, witty observations on the ins and outs of relationships and some gorgeous scenery with L.A. managing to look lovely for once. Jon Stewart looks pretty good as well.

Recommended for a rainy Sunday afternoon with a glass of rose.