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I’ve just arrived at the office on this rainy, gloomy morning and I think I might rather be snuggled up in bed with Jennifer Bernard’s new series about firemen, but alas, inclement weather is not a valid excuse not to turn up at work. However the miserable weather got me thinking, why is it that the most dramatic, romantic scenes in movies so often happen when it is bucketing with rain or freezing cold? And how do the actors manage to look like sexy, sleek love-machines rather than drowned, shivering rats? At the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn still manages to look adorable while holding a manky cat in a dumpster in the pouring rain, and smooching a handsome gentleman. Even good old Renée Zellweger manages to pull off the coat and panties look at the end of Bridget Jones’ Diary while kissing Colin Firth in the swirling snow. To be frank, I’d probably freeze my tushy off to get my hands on Colin Firth in any sort of weather, but that is not the point. Why can’t big romantic gestures be performed in nondescript weather? Between seasons? Indoors even? I’d like to see a climactic reunion after which the characters say, “it’s quite temperate today, isn’t it? Not too hot, not too cold. Just pleasant.” Is that too much to ask?