There has been lots of chat lately about the ‘new’ phenomenon of erotica, with the success of Fifty Shades of Grey – much more a romance novel than an erotic novel, in my opinion. But I love it when romance and erotica hit the mainstream, as I think it’s so healthy for everyone to be able to talk about fantasies and sex without being made to feel like a bit of a perve.

I went on the radio the other week to talk about erotica, and I was asked whether the success of romance and erotic novels is because women need stories rather than images to fuel their fires. I think that’s certainly true to a large extent. What do you think?

 Someone texted in to the radio show : ‘Porn is porn, no matter what the publisher says.’ My answer was that it doesn’t much matter what word you use – if you’re enjoying yourself, go for it! But does the ‘mummy porn’ label work for you or annoy you? Is there a big difference between romance, erotica and porn, or is it just a question of shades of grey (so to speak!)?