Abigail Gibbs

British teenager Abigail Gibbs began posting chapters of Dark Heroine: Dinner With A Vampire on online writing platform Wattpad at the age of 14 under the pseudonym Canse12. Spurred on by a huge and exponentially growing raft of readers around the world, with more than 16 million views, and over 24,000 comments, Gibbs continued with the story for the following two years  – until she landed a literary agent and a global publishing deal for the entire story.

Dinner With A Vampire is being billed as the sexiest vampire story yet and combines the dark romance of Twilight with added passion, edginess… and gore (a paradox given Gibbs is a committed vegetarian!).

The book centres on protagonist Violet Lee, who is the only witness to a horrific mass murder, London’s Bloodbath. Shown unexpected mercy by the culprits, Violet must make an impossible choice: face the possibility of never returning to her old life, or joining these powerful creatures of the night. As she discovers the past behind her captors – the Varns – Violet unwittingly finds herself drawn to the turbulent ways of the Varn’s handsome fourth son Kaspar, the heir to the Vamperic throne.

HarperCollins Publishing Director Shona Martyn said:  “Abigail is a huge talent – her storytelling is pacy and vivid; her characters and plot are sexier than Edward and Bella.  Her existing fans are out there waiting to see what happens next.”

Dark Heroine

Dark Heroine is available now in ebook and the paperback will hit stores in October. Here’s a sneak peek!