Lessons From A Scandalous Bride by Sophie Jordan

Far from the frivolous ballrooms of London, the heroine, Cleo (Miss Cleopatra Hadley), has had an upbringing that has helped form a formidable and staunch strength of character.

Cleo is driven to marriage to protect and provide for the fourteen remaining half siblings left behind under the negligent care of her drunkard stepfather, but she will not repeat the mistakes her mother has made and intends to marry a very rich, very old, Earl – Lord Thrumbodie.

The impoverished Scottish nobleman Lord Logan McKinney is also in the market for a wealthy spouse but finds the menu of vapid young heiresses unpalatable, until he crosses paths with the delectable Cleopatra Hadley.

The sexual tension between the hero and heroine sends steam billowing off the pages and the reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride while Cleo’s heart and physical desires try to overrule her head as she attempts to keep an emotional and physical distance between herself and Logan McKinney.

His mouth tasted of man and heat and the slight flavour of whiskey. Hunger surged inside her, dark and dangerous, as ravenous as a beast released to hunt. She couldn’t remember ever feeling this … a desire so enveloping it made her forget all her fears.

Cleo clenched her hands and shoved them between their bodies, determined to stop this. It took everything in her to resist flattening her palms against his hard chest and simply feel him, savour the hard press of muscles surrounding her.

Readers who enjoy reading Sarah Maclean’s novels will find a similar style in Sophie Jordan.