The Warrior Laird by Margo Maguire

What’s not to love about a tartan clad highland warrior?

Lord Dugan MacMillan is on a desperate quest to save his clan from eviction by the Duke of Argyll. Holding two parts of a treasure map, he seeks the secret French gold purportedly hidden in the highlands.

Crossing his path is the delectable, red haired vixen, Lady Maura Duncanson, en route to her marriage to the decrepit and cruel, Baron Kildary. Maura decides to escape from her military escort, stealing a map to enable her to rejoin her abandoned younger sister, Rosie.

The highland Warrior’s path crosses Maura’s and despite Maura’s strong attraction to the rugged highlander, Maura realises that Dugan also has parts to the treasure map – French gold, that would help her secure her little sister’s future. Appropriating Dugan’s map pieces, she sets off on foot to find her own way into the highlands.

Maura is saved from a dangerous situation by the pursuing highlanders, but not only do they reclaim their map pieces but her worth as a ransom victim to Baron Kildary may assuage their loss should they not be able to discover the gold in time to save their clan from eviction.

Dugan is torn between his loyalty to his clan and the fiery temptress under his capture. Maura’s senses are galvanised by the rugged highlander but she is driven to reach her sister.

Sparks fly and the sexual magnetism between Maura and Dugan is electrifying despite each being torn in opposite directions.

A great read, fast paced and the tension between the hero and heroine has the heart racing. Loved every page. Highly recommended.

Marie M.