Tara Eglington, author of How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You

Tara Eglington, author of How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You

Summer always seems the season synonymous with romance. The light lingers, almost begging you to meander along the shore, watch fireworks and stay up till dawn to see the sun rise. There’s something about those long ago summer romances that stay with you. Do you remember …

Holiday getaways:

Arriving at the family’s summer house and discovering that your parents’ best friend’s son is unrecognisable – talk about a frog transformed into a prince. You find yourself blushing at the dinner table and shy around the boy you used to pull pranks on. Suddenly you’re totally up for the once lame games of Monopoly and Twister. You fuss with your bikini for half an hour before heading to the pool and lying on a deckchair, sneakily peeking at his golden skin and broad shoulders, hoping your parents don’t notice. One afternoon they go off to the local craft market and the two of you are finally alone. The heady smell of jasmine is in the air as you and your crush sit side by side, dangling your feet in the pool. You are super aware of his shoulder touching yours and you’re praying he won’t pull away. He takes your hand unexpectedly and you feel as though you could walk on water.

Mornings by the shore:

Riding bikes to the beach along shady streets, balancing your towel on the front handlebars, the bike wobbling like crazy as you and your best friend giggle and shriek while rating the boys in your class on a scale of ‘hotness’. This was the year you both had the crush on the lifeguard and took every chance to ask him about the surf conditions, staring at his profile as he pointed out the currents to you and wrote up the tide times on the board. The daily exchange never seemed long enough. Lying with your chest against the burning sand, feeling the beads of salt water evaporate off your back as you fantasise about him rescuing you from a rogue riptide. You got far too much sun that summer and your hair was streaked with blonde once school went back.

Nights out at the local carnival:

You wore strappy sandals and carried fairy floss the same shade of pastel pink as your dress. You and your friends bump into the boys from school by the ring toss. The sun is just going down and the carnival lights are dizzying as your crush stands by your side. He makes you so nervous you keep missing the ring toss. He tugs you away from the stand and towards the Ferris wheel. You chat nervously as the line creeps its way to the front. Your hair is blowing in the warm summer breeze and you’re half secretly hoping you’ll be put into a cart of your own and half terrified of what you’ll do if he tries to kiss you when the cart pauses at the top. You wish you’d read more ‘how to’ guides on locking lips.

Summers are fleeting, as were our teen years. There’s still magic to be found in the memories and still the possibility of looking at love in the same open-hearted, wildly excited way. Check out Aurora Skye and the Find a Prince Program™ if you’d love to relive the feeling of first romance or maybe get some tips on refreshing your approach to relationships – who says the heart can’t be young again and love as idealistic as you once believed it to be?

This blog post is an abridged version of Tara’s summer romances. Discover more at facebook.com/findaprince