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Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost

Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost

Sometimes a story picks you up and grabs you despite previous convictions (meaning, to date paranormal has not been “my thing”). Jeaniene Frost (Eternal Kiss of Darkness) is one of those writers who captures you on the first page.

From the moment Kira Graceling ventures into the warehouse in response to moans of pain, she and the reader are swept up into the world of the night, into a swirl of impending danger, doom and suspense

Mencheres, master vampire, older than the Egyptian pyramids, is haunted by his vision of darkness. Then Kira appears in his world. Fearless in nature, her loyalty and her life code intrigue Mencheres; he can neither let her go nor keep her confined while he faces his ultimate nemesis, Radjefe. Kira is caught up in the battle between the master vampires.

A truly menacing villain in the form of Radje, so the reader has someone to fear and wonderful secondary characters, who have appeared in previous stories fill out the story. The conflict scenes between Mencheres and Radje are nail biting and huge in their scope.

The story sweeps to a heart racing climax where Kira and Mencheres discover a life and death passion and a gentleness of love despite a millennia of power contained within Mencheres.

Eternal Kiss of Darkness is a great story containing a wry sense of humour combined with deliciously sensuous love making. It is a story I could not put down. Definitely a must read whether you are a paranormal fan or not. After reading this I am definitely a Jeaniene Frost fan and looking for other books in the series (Night Huntress series).

Highly recommended!

Marie M.