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seven nights in a rogues bedStorms split the heavens on the night Sidonie Forsythe went to her ruin.

Forced into repaying a debt her sister has gambled away on the card tables, Sidonie is the sacrificial lamb who arrives on the steps of Castle Craven and Jonas Merrick is the scarred, merciless reprobate demanding repayment.

In typical Anna Campbell fashion, the sparks fly off the first chapter’s pages as Sidonie and Jonas take each other’s measure; their first encounter an electrifying duel of words as they size each other up.

Merrick had not set out to trap Sidonie’s sister, Roberta, Vicountess Hillbrook, wife of Merrick’s cousin, into a salacious arrangement but the occasion had arisen to strike back at the man that had stolen his title, his good name and his inheritance. William, nephew to Anthony, the late Viscount Hillbrook, had been successful in challenging the purported marriage between the viscount and the Spanish beauty, mother of Jonas, thus declaring Jonas a bastard and taking the title for himself. Carrying a scarred face and a bitter heart, Jonas has risen to surpass his cousin in wealth, although William takes every opportunity to throw his cousin’s bastardry in his face.

Sidonie has put herself in Roberta’s place as William’s cruelty has the capacity to extend to Roberta and her two sons, but she finds herself seeing past the scarring to the man beneath.

Despite his initial outrage at being deprived of his chance to cuckold his cousin, Merrick is fascinated with the young woman prepared to offer herself up to his demands. He will not refuse to absolve the debt but the seduction of this sacrificial lamb will have the ability to destroy both of them.

The sexual tension as Sidonie plays out the seven nights in the rogue’s bed is fast paced, riveting reading and, just when you think the week is over, Campbell throws in another dramatic turn of events as Sidonie has a secret that has the capacity to destroy those she loves or the man she has fallen in love with.

A 5 star read.

Marie M.