It’s not often that we encourage you to read non-Avon books but we have had to make an exceptBittersweetion for Colleen McCullough’s Bittersweet.  An Australian saga at its best, Bittersweet incorporates history, drama and romance in a beautiful and compulsively readable story about four very different sisters who are united in their fierce love for one another and in their quest for happiness. We think it’s brilliant! And we’re not alone in our thinking. Haylee Nash, Booktopia’s romance specialist and self-confessed lover of hot men, sassy women and sizzling sexual tension was more than satisfied by Bittersweet. Nash admits that this was her first taste of Colleen McCullough, having been put off by the sheer size of her books. But she insists she needn’t have worried stating that the book was “utterly engaging” with “great depth of information and description” making it a “gorgeous historical saga”. Read the full review here.